Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meet the Fur Terds

I have had Bear ever since I was 16 and lived in Oklahoma.  I rescued his mother from the side of the road, she was malnourished and starved.  I brought her 
home and my mom thorugh a fit, little did we know the dog I h
ad just rescued would be having Bear and his brother in 2 weeks.  She gave birth under our farm house and it took 5 weeks to get th
em out.  There were 2 Bear, and Zeke.  My mom wouldnt let me keep everyone, since we already had 3 dogs and 4 cats so it took me a couple of months to find everyone good homes...I couldnt have done it without my  Aunt Sharon and my mom.  I kept Bear since he was the sweet, shy and quiet one.  We connected and he became my baby son.  No joke, he really thinks he's a human.  Which he does behave better than anyone I know.  
When I made the big move to Florida 3 1/2 years ago, I wouldnt have been able to make it 
without him.  He kept me company when I was down, and has been the best pet I have ever had.  I love him very much!

Velvet was Jim's when I entered the relationship.  She was a sad dog that would do anything for attention, even negative attention.  She would chew my shoes, pee and poop in the house just to see our reactions and would do anything to piss you off.  I will never forget when we came home from work and she had chewed Jim's oriental rug he had g
ot at an auction..Im not sure why she chose the most expensive thing in his house, but she did.  We have noticed the older she gets the better she becomes, she still does things that I shake my head at but she has become a better dog.  She is loyal and wants to be wherever we are.  She cant stand to be alone, I love her and am sure will love her more and more every year.

Jim and I rescued Harley from the neighbor hood he used to live in.  It took us 2 months and a lot of bacon to get him inside.  He survived on his own for a long time, we would only see him at night and I started feeding him.  He was starved and in bad shape.  Harley is very sweet and bashful, when I tickle him and he will give me a shy school boy face.  He is the smartest dog of our 3.  He can open any door and escape any yard.  He has locked me out of the house, opens the door when Im not looking and if I want to take a nap I have to lock our bedroom door or he will get in to snuggle.  He is a great dog.   

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