Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I swear the dog ate it

So, I was babysitting Jim’s dad’s dog this past weekend and he did something that made me so furious I could have turned him loose and never bothered with him again…I know that sounds mean but chewing on my nice purse that was a present from my husband, that’s something you don’t mess with. I was watching T.V., probably food network or some dirty reality show, “For example the Bachelor last night, Can you believe that girl slipped into some naughty black nighty.” and I noticed that Bo (the huge white lab the size of a monster) was missing. No joke, the dog reminds me of that movie the Sandlot with the huge enormous dog at the end. I yelled for him but he didn’t come. I finally had a commercial break and I got up and walked in to the dining room and there lay on the floor my nice purse, my wallet that was opened with my cards spread out, and every other single piece of shi** that I keep in my purse…I was upset but very lucky that nothing was ruined. The only thing that was missing was my I.D, which is important to have since I was going out the next night with my good friend Lori.

Jump to the next night.

Lori and I were at Brio, and I was ordering a glass of wine and the waiter asks, “Can I see your ID?” I looked at Lori and rolled my eyes since we had just got through chatting about my I.D. being eaten by the monster dog. I said, sir a dog ate my I.D. and the only thing I have is a receipt on my new I.D. that I had ordered, which was a piece of paper with no pictures. The guy said, “I’m not buying that” and started laughing at me. Which it is funny, what dog eats an I.D.? There plastic, I can understand a dog chewing on leather but attacking my I.D., the dog had to know what he was doing. To make the long story short, I had my old Passport with my old last name and I told him I know this looks weird but really, I am 25 and I know that this Passport has my old last name but just please serve me a glass of wine. He took a look at the old passport and gave in. I sure enjoyed my wine after that long ordeal. I just thought I would share this story, I thought It was funny but sometimes I think things are funny and others do not.

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